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A new way to get your brand and products out there, irrespective of the industry you belong

EasyBlurb is a unique DTC digital advertising firm birthed from the need to boost sales and create exponential visiblity for SMEs and Large organizations across diverse work sectors in Nigeria.

Our mantra, “more reach, more sales” guides our operation.
With one arm we help to promote and grow many businesses, and with the other, we help thousands of Nigerians grow their income.

A social enterprise Ad-Tech platform that allows businesses and agencies advertise their products and services through the WhatsApp status of many Nigerians


WhatsApp, not Instagram or Facebook, is the preferable platform for small business in Nigeria


Techpoint Africa. According to The Global State of Digital 2019 report, at least 85% of Nigeria’s 24million active social media users are on whatsApp, making it the most used social media platform in Nigeria.

Join Nigerians who earn side income from posting sponsored ads on their Whatsapp status

Do you get an average of 100 views on each of your WhatsApp status post?

You can Earn over 50k Monthly with EasyBlurb


Wait… you get less than 100 views on your status posts? Not to worry, we got you covered at EasyBlurb. Click here to join a one week incubation program that helps you grow your views, and then you can start earning too.

Yes!  Anyone can become a Blurber and start earning from posting ads on their WhatsApp status.

Blurbers register on our platform providing their reach data, location, class of contacts e.t.c, with this information, EasyBlurb is able to provide clients with demographic targeting option,  where by they can select an age range, industry, interests and location anywhere in Nigeria they want their ads to reach.

0+ Current Number Of Blurbers
Sign up, and start earning from simply posting on Whatsapp
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will triple in 3 months as number of Blurbers will hit 20,000

Let us help you boost your sales…

FAQ’s About EasyBlurb Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions by people new to EasyBlurb

WhatsApp is unarguably the most used social media platform in Nigeria, making it the best platform to advertise products and services.

Sponsored Ads are placed following the client’s desired demography. While our Blurbers cut across the entire nation, we utilise those within the range of the client’s desired target audience to run the sponsored ads.

Businesses that subscribe get to create an account with the company’s online platform where they upload their campaign materials. Following the ads placed by our Blurbers, total impressions gained are uploaded on the client’s dashboard to enable tracking.

Companies who subscribe to our ad products are most likely to get up to a 300% increase in sales revenue within a month or two, + product visibility to target customers at an unprecedented rate, across specified locations and demographics within the country.

Just like every other social media advert mediums, conversions are not exactly guaranteed. Easyblurb although strategises and works directly with her Clients to attract enormous conversions from our promotions. Overtime however, we have recorded up to 20% conversion.

Clients who subscribe to our products consecutively for 5 months get 1-month free subscription.

Sign up and continue to blurb and you’ll be invited for an online  3weeks training (free), that helps you raise your viewership up to over 100; however, you will then start earning.

Simple plans, for everyone!

Sign Up, Enjoy 10% Introductory Discount Offer


Nano Pack


Overall Impressions
20,000 plus

(1 day in a week)

Starter Pack


Overall Impressions
60,000 plus

(3 days for a week)

Standard Pack


Overall Impressions
140,000 plus

(Everyday for a week)

Optimal Pack


Overall Impressions
240,000 plus

(3 Days in a week for a month)

Enterprise Pack


Overall Impressions
600,000 plus

(Everyday in a week for a month)

Apex Pack


Overall Impressions
1,000,000 plus

(Everyday in a week for a month)

Trusted by the best

Here are some of our clients and partners

What Clients Say

Evergreen Apparels

My name is Bolu, a fashion designer, specialised in men’s native wears. I am excited to talk about EasyBlurb. This platform helped my business grow within a short period.

EasyBlurb at its inception offered to test-run with my business and the results were amazing. My variety of Native wear products in a short video was put out to 20, 000 people and then my phone kept buzzing from multiple prospective clients. I was told to slightly reduce my price to make my products more attractive to potential clients, which I did. Since then, I’ve not been able to meet up with demands. Now, I’m planning on expanding my business.

VTC Nig.

We train young Nigerians to teach Asians to speak English better, online. We frequent different cities to organise these trainings. The last training was in Ibadan. We didn’t use any other form of publicity. EasyBlurb put out our advert to about 20,000 people within Ibadan on their WhatsApp status. The results were amazing. We got over a thousand calls and had about 200 people in attendance, and we have a long list of people awaiting the second batch of the training.

Cielo City

Our passion as a real estate firm is for average members of the public to own homes in state of the art estates. At first, we were a bit dicey of EasyBlurb’s ability to sell our product due to the class of client that appears to be able to afford our product, regardless of the availability of the flexible payment plans. To our amazement, we sold our products to members of the public because EasyBlurb’s ads were far-reaching and effective.